How Much Does It Cost To Have A Motorhome Or Travel Trailer Removed?​

RV Removers has established two removal types:

* Paid: If your RV is ready to be junked (doesn’t start, tags are old, has water damage, tires are flat) we charge by the length of the RV. See pricing details below.

*Free: Your RV is in good condition (starts, tires are decent, no water or rodent damage) we offer free pick ups and in most cases can provide you with a tax deduction receipt. Please visit our RV Donation page here.


  • Good running condition, have title: Starting at FREE
  • Bad condition / Reaedy for the graveyard: $50 PER FOOT (measure feet in length x $50)

Travel Trailers And Fifth Wheels

  • Good condition, have title: Starting at FREE
  • Bad condition / Ready for the graveyard: $50 PER FOOT (in length)

Pop Up Campers

  • $40 PER FOOT (measure feet in length x $40)

Truck Campers

  • Please call

Instances When We Have Additional Fees

  • Your RV is in a difficult location and takes an excessive amount of time to load (this is rare).
  • Your RV is full of trash or other miscellaneous items.
  • The location is over 90 miles from our central location which is Santa Ana, CA.

Feel free to contact us or send photos if you feel any of the above may apply.

Forms Of Payment We Accept:

RV Removers accepts most forms of payment. Keep in mind that we apply a 3% processing fee for credit cards and PayPal. For any additional questions such as billing through escrow or terms please call or email us.




Credit cards and PayPal (3% processing fee applies)

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP)

Apple Pay